Wednesday, November 08, 2006

First Time Outside

Today I took the boys outside. It was a beautiful day today, the weather was nice and I figured it was time for them to get some fresh air and sunshine. I laid a blanket in the front yard and laid them both on it, they both seemed to really enjoy it and I got lots of pictures. Everyday they get more fun.

These are Karters feet, I let both of them feel the grass on their feet, I wanted to get a picture of both of their feet together, but being I was the only one home with them I could not manage to hold them both and take a picture. They both picked their feet up and keep putting them down to feel the grass, in the end they left them down and seemed to enjoy the feeling.

Karter was all smiles today.

Kolton was not as smiley but cute none the less. He's sporting two scratches on his face. I keep cutting his nails but they grow so fast I can't keep up with them.

I'm sporting some bushy eyebrows that need to be tweezed, Kolton is sporting a scratched face and Karter has cradle cap, we are working on all the above, but I think they look pretty darn cute anyway. That's what we did today,we will see what tomorrow brings.