Friday, November 03, 2006

November-Whatever the Date Is.

I realize it has been awhile since we last updated. A lot has been going on. Both boys came down with a cold, but before we knew it was a cold we had to make our first trip to the emergency room. We called the doctor on call in our town since it was the weekend and she said it would be better to take them back to Childrens Hosp. just in case it was RSV because that is where they would send us only by ambulance. So we made a trip there and wouldn't you know it Kolton was as sweet as could be. His alarms didn't go off once and he was up and smiling. The doctor did diagnose him with a cold and reflux, which we got medicine for and pink eye, I thought he has just scratched his eye and was going to take him to the doctor on the following Monday for this. Anyway they both had to be seen being they share the same bed and such and both were tested for RSV, which they didn't have. So we leave there and wouldn't you know it Kolton's alarm went off the minute we got in the car. Apparently this is normal when kids are sick and the doctor said all kids probably do it but we just don't know because they don't have monitors hooked up to them. So it took a week for them to get over this. Kolton got it first and his alarms went off quite a bit with his cold. Then a couple of days later Karter got it, but it made him have lots of drainage and a stuffy nose, so he threw up his food a lot. I spent a good four days praying and holding and begging him not to gag. On top of this Jimmy and I both got sick. It's very had to take care of twins, but taking care of them when you don't feel well is even harder.

I also realize we have not posted any pictures lately. This is due to the camera batteries being dead. We are charging them now and will takes pictures in the next day or so.

So that is what has been going on here. Now I suppose I should go tend to one or both of them. They have actually been awake 7 hours, that's right 7 hours and they don't want to sleep now unless you are holding them. I think we might have spoiled them and times like these we pay the price. Welp gotta go help Jimmy.