Friday, September 14, 2007

Brave Mama

I was feeling very brave today. I have taken the boys places by myself before, mostly Wal-Mart, or the mall or a clothing store, but I have never and here's where the bravery comes in, taken them out to eat by myself before. Today I did and I must say they acted just lovely. My Mom and I are giving my Sister and Sister-In-Law a baby shower tomorrow, they are due a week apart, and I had to go to Wal-mart for some stuff. We were in there an hour or so and it was lunch time when I left. I didn't feel like trying to find something at home so I took them to Chili's. They where so, so good. They ate grilled cheese and french fries and I at a grilled chicken salad. Karter flashed his killer smile at everyone and Kolton spent a lot of time just looking around. They did not throw a fit, throw stuff or get fussy. It was rather pleasant. I can cross that off my list of things I've not done before with them by myself. I do think however people felt sorry for me for some reason. I don't really know why, they were behaving themselves and I was not stressed but people, mostly other moms kept staring at me. Maybe they where impressed with my ability to handle twins and manage to eat at the same time with out a crisis. You think? The only hard part was trying to carry them in the restaurant. I didn't take the stroller because the restaurant is too small for my double stroller it was just easier to carry them. Well actually, Kolton tried to walk into the restaurant while I carried Karter. Kolton is really trying to walk and is doing a great job if you hold his hand, but it was just a little too far for him. He was smiling the whole way, but decided to sit down once we got to the doors. The nice lady that seats people picked him up, she was pregnant with her 4th, and her husband is in Iraq, and helped me to the table. That was nice of her. When It was time to leave I just carried them both out because they were sleepy and I knew Kolton wouldn't feel like trying to walk. That is one reason I will be glad when they both or at least one can walk by themselves. It will be easier to get them places by myself.

That's my story of bravery for the day. Enjoy some pictures we took at the park this past weekend.

Karter -he has my watch, he was kinda cranky. I think he's teething, he keeps holding his mouth funny, like his teeth hurt.

He looks like such a big boy sitting there. I can't believe they are already this big.

Daddy with his boys. He will kill me for putting these on here. He hates to have his picture taken.

Silly Boys!

The scratches on Kolton's head are from the cat. He finally was able to catch him and pull his tail. Thankfully the cat only has three legs or he would have really laid into him. It hasn't stopped him from chasing him though. That's me in the back ground. I don't like to have my picture taken either. Mommy is trying to loose a little weight first.


Eva said...

Oh my goodness that is brave! We're proud when the 2 of us take the kiddos out to a restaurant! I think walking will bring both new challenges and some relief in other ways, we shall see!

Dara Lee said...

Congratulations! We've only ever done the sit down restaurant thing once with all three... and we made sure that grandparents were there too. I think that our kids surprise us by being so well behaved in public. My boys are usually angels when we go out. As for the staring, people normally stare at twins, and I think that they expect them to cry and you to be all frazzled and stuff. Some people just like to watch babies enjoy themselves too.

Courtney said...

Good job on the outing! I have only gone to a restaurant with another adult... unless you count the food court at the mall. There I can pick up and leave at a moments notice.

I'm not much for being in pictures either... However, I finally realized that if I don't allow myself to be in pictures, they will get older and not have pictures of me with them. So, now I get in pictures with them when I can.

Just something to think about.

lesleysmeshly said...

I agree with Eva...I'm doing good to get us to a restaurant with the help of hubby! Brave woman you are! I'm glad it went so you know you can do it on your own.
Love the photos!