Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The boys have been home for 1 year.

I looked so tired and worn out here. I was that's what hospitalized bedrest, a natural birth a c-section birth and 48 days in the NICU gets you. I wouldn't recommend this make over.

On September 2, 2006 we brought the boys home. Oh how we where scared. You can read it here.
Several hours after we had been home on that day, we had visitors. I was feeling a little overwhelmed to say the least. I had not clue what I was doing, We had two tiny little babies to care for all by ourselves and along with them came two apnea monitors and one baby on oxygen. That first day we had some issues. One being something was broken on the big oxygen tank at home. We only found this out after we had hooked Karter up and he began to desat. We figured out something was wrong with the big tank and switched him to the portable one. His oxygen stats leveled out. So we had to call the company to come fix it. Then that evening both the boys apnea monitors kept going off. I was so worried they were going to die, that he hospital had sent them home too soon and I would not know what I was doing and something would happen and on and on. Those sure were some rough weeks. Kolton was still not eating that well and you had to pay close attention to him because he would, at just about every feed have a bradacardic episode. So not nice to try to feed your baby and he turns blue sometimes, I felt some what at ease having Karter's oxygen. I brought a portable tank into the bedroom and if I felt he wasn't pulling out of it fast enough I would give him so blow by. Oy! And would you look at all the medical terms preemie moms learn.

Thank fully we made it though that first year and the kids are not harmed in any way. Now the parents we have scars, they are not visible to the eye but they are there not only in our heart but in our memories as well. Sheesh I'm so glad that's over.

Having a little snack in their Spiderman chairs.


Eva said...

What a long way you've all come! All three of you are looking great these days!