Thursday, September 06, 2007

Is being a stay at home mom a waste of a degree?

This is a question I have thought about several times. When we found out we were pregnant and we assumed we only had one I pondered on weather to go back to work or not. I pretty much had come to the conclusion that I would try to find part time work. I hadn't decided if I wanted to go right back to work or wait a year, but I assumed I would go back, I think. When we found out it was twins and that question was all but answered for us. It really wouldn't pay for me to work and then turn around and give all the money I made to daycare, and the longer I thought about it the more I was pretty sure that I wanted to stay home with them. I wanted to be the first to see their firsts. With this said I do feel a bit guilty at times and a bit sad for myself that I won't be using my newly earned Bachelors degree anytime soon, however I will be paying for my newly accrued student loans for a long time. I wanted and still want to return to school to get my Masters, but then I think , why? Why do I want to accrue more debt and still not use my degree? Who knows. As it stands we think we want one more child, I said one God, not two or heaven forbid three or more. I would love them all of course, but two was very hard and I want to see if I was right, right about one being pretty easy after two. I plan to stay at home until all children start school. Then what? By that time either I would have gotten my Master or not. Either way I will not have worked in my chosen field before. I wonder if it will be hard to enter the work field at that point. I will probably be in my mid to later thirties, which is by no means old but it's sure not a spring chicken. Anyway these are some thoughts that enter my mind at times, but really all I have to do is look at my two boys and know that even if I have $20,000 in student loans seeing them smile, sit, talk and walk first is well worth it. I can always go back to school but I can never get back the time I would miss if I worked. For me and for our family our plan works.


lesleysmeshly said...

Thats a tougy. I always knew I wanted to stay at home if I ever had a baby...and while it is the hardest job ever it is totally worth it to me and it is whats best for our family. I hope you feel at peace with whatever decision you make. I agree with the $$...$20,000 in student loans or paying $35,000.00 for IVF...when I look at the clammies I wouldn't change anything.