Saturday, September 29, 2007

March Of Dimes Update and a Sneak Peak.

Yesterday was the March of Dimes walk. I of course in my fury to gather everything that I might need for the kids, forgot to take the camera, so I have no pictures to show. Bummer! Although I am a bit disappointed that I forgot my camera I'm not sure I would have had time to take many pictures. There was a pretty good turn out, I think. I don't have much to compare it to since I've never been to one before, but I plan to be there every year from here on out. The exciting news is WE REACHED OUR GOAL!! The final tally is not in yet but according to my calculations we raised $1085.00, that's from all sources of money, online, offline, and coin boxes. Thank you so much to those who donated. Unless you have had a preemie or been close to someone who has you probably don't understand just how important the March of Dimes is. If you are looking for a charitable organization to donate to, I believe the March of Dimes is the one. Every penny goes to save babies somehow. The kids had a great time, we got several awards, the kids got a medal for surviving preemiehood,(hey a new word) and a trophy with their names on it for being the ambassador kids. We also got a trophy for raising 1000+ dollars for our team. The kids rode in their wagon for the walk, which was 1.5 miles. At one point my calves were burning so bad, but I pushed through and vowed to get my out of shape self on the treadmill. Sheesh, but everyone knows how hard that is to do, it's motivation that I lack, I gotta find it somewhere, anyone have any extra they can lend me? So our duties as ambassador family are over. I'm so glad we got be the ambassador family it was such an honor.

Now for the sneak peak. I had originally wanted the kids to be an elephant and a skunk for Halloween. I found some cute costumes but I didn't want to pay those prices for a costume that would only be worn once. Instead I found a Batman and Robin(I can't find a picture of the Robin costume on their site) costume at Walmart for cheap and decided although they where not as cute they where cheap and the kids could play with these later if they wanted to. But then, then I went to Old Navy with my Mom, just to look around of course and I heard her calling for me in a different part of the store. Low and behold they had some really cute and really well made costumes on their sale rack. I got these babies for 18.00 bucks each the tag said they were usually 22.50 each. So I introduce to you: Monkey and Skunk!

The little Monkey likes his costume and didn't want to take it off.

The little Skunk on the other hand was not as fond and threw himself in the floor in protest

Haha this just makes me chuckle. Look at that cute little unhappy face.

Oh the things we do to our kids.


Katrina Shaw said...

You guys did awesome on the March of Dimes, that's great. I saw your picture in the newspaper. I love the costumes. Mom has a picture of me when I was a little skunk. Halloween is so much fun. You'll have to take them to the pumpkin patch in Tecumseh. They give the kids rides in a little train. We take Josiah every year and take his picture in his costume with all the pumpkins for his scrap book. It makes a good picture. We're planning to go this Thursday before dark to get pictures and let the kids play. Maybe you guys could meet us there.

lesleysmeshly said...

You should be so proud of yourself for meeting your goal and helping out such a great and important cause!

Those pictures and costumes are SO cute!!!!! I love them.