Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fun was not had by all.

Karter has been cranky for several say. Let me rephrase that Karter has been super whiny for several days. He has not been sleeping well therefore everyone else in the house has not been sleeping well. Poor Kolton has been woken up several times by Karter then he has a hard time going back to sleep. I'm not quite sure what is going on with Karter. For two nights now he will wake up pissed off. I'm not kidding he is mad and anything you do to try to help him makes it worse. If you leave him alone he's mad, if you hold him he's mad if you give him his binky he takes it but then throws it down and if you don't give it back he's mad. If you offer him water or food he's mad. Last night I gave him Tylenol thinking maybe he has an earache or headache or something aching. I don't see him acting like something hurts but maybe it does. After 30 mins and the tylenol kicked in he calmed down and went to sleep. If he does it tonight I might have to take him in to the doctor tomorrow just to check for and earache or something. I remember my sister used to do something like this at night. She would just wake up and be mad nothing would please her and it went on for a couple of hours. She would wake the whole house. My mom thought maybe she was having night terrors or something. I hope this is not what Karter is doing. I tend to think not since a few days ago he had a little fever and he has had some loose stool. Hopefully in the next few days he will feel better. For two days he would not nap and he is oh so tired. Thankfully today he and Kolton are taking a rather long nap, must both be tired from the lack of sleep. As a parent it sucks when you don't know whats wrong. Your mind starts going crazy wondering if something is seriously wrong or not. I don't think there is but it's not nice not being able to help, that's what parents want to do, help and when you can't you feel defeated.

Following are some pictures I took the other day in the front yard. Kolton loved it, but that was the first day Karter started acting like he didn't feel well. We got a couple of ok shots but most of them went like this.

Karter fixing to go into a full blown protest.

In deep thought.

Not all of them were bad though.

Update: I wanted to update everyone on the March of Dimes status so far. We are at $740 now, so close to our goal I really hope we can make it and even better beat it. I want to thank everyone who has donated to this point I can't express enough how important this cause is and am so thankful that others are becoming aware. While in one of the meetings I attended for the March of Dimes it was said that no amount is too small even 5 cents is put to good use. The speaker stated that 5 cents could got to printing information that in turn could be handed out to mothers to be informing them of the use of folic acid during pregnancy and all the benefits hit has. No amount is too small it will all be used somehow to help save babies. I encourage you once again to help me reach my goal of $1000. If you can't donate that's fine pass on the information to others just get the word out about the March of Dimes, you never know who it might help.