Saturday, November 17, 2007

16 Months Old Today

I can't believe that today the boys are 16 months old. I have to say that after they turned one, it has gone a lot faster. They are beginning to understand what we are saying. Kolton wanted in my lap the other day, he was sleepy and I said "Kolton go get your lovey" he stopped in he tracks turned around found his lovey and brought it to me. I was like hey, he understood me! I asked Karter the other day if he was ready for night night and he shook his head yes.

Kolton: Lets start with teeth. He as two molars on top and is getting two on the bottom. He now can answer some questions. If it's nap time and I ask if he's ready for a nappy nap he will grab my hand and take me to his bed. As a matter of fact he will come to where ever I am and take my hand and take me to whatever he is wanting. The other day their were some crackers on the cabinet and he took me over to them and pointed and said ahhh. Kolton never stops moving, EVER. From the time he gets up until the time he goes to bed he is moving all over the place. He hardly ever just sits down and plays with something. Kolton is also testing his boundaries lately. He keeps going to the tv stand and turning the satellite on and off over and over and playing with the cords. If I tell him NO, he smiles and does it again. He's also started being mean to his brother and sometimes me. I've notice he does this more when he's tired, however if you tell him NO that's not nice he gets this look in his eye and does it again. I have caught him several times pulling Karters hair. Tonight he slapped me in the face while we were standing around talking to my dad and step mom. I was holding him and they were talking to him and he just slapped my face. We all said "Kolton, that was not nice, be nice" he looked like he was going to cry for a second and then did it again, then he pinched me. It seems with Kolton the more you discipline him the more determined he gets. To tell the truth he has always been like this, even in the womb. He was twin A the one who decided that it was a good idea to come early. I have had to start doing timeouts with him for no more than a minuet at a time. Then I let him up and tell him what he did and let him go. We have only been doing this a short time, so we will see how he handles this.

He's saying all kinds of words and using them correctly. He can find the kitty cat in the book and says meow. He will bring the bubbles to me and say bubbles. He says no, no and shakes his head, can say yes and shake his head yes, says shoes and socks and holds his feet up for both. Understands when you say want to go bye bye and heads to the door. Runs when you tell him you need to change his diaper and has even said diaper once or twice. Says doggie and points, however he also tries to pull the dogs hair, but on the flip side tries to share his food with them. Knows what a nappy nap is for a nap and heads to bed, knows what night night means and head for bed, and he know what where to go when I say lets take a bath. He also knows what I mean when I ask if he's hungry and can say juice and will bring his empty cup to me. He's very bossy and takes anything he wants from Karter.

Kolton pushing the buttons AFTER he had been told not too.

I think that sums Kolton up for now, I'm sure I have forgotten to mention some stuff, but that's all I can think of for now.

Karter: Karter is very sweet, not that Kolton does not have his moments but for the most part Karter is the cuddle bug. He will come up to you and raise his arms to be held, he will lay his little head down on your chest or pat your arm or back. He also has two molars on top and two more coming in on bottom. He pretty much is always on the go as well, but will sit in the floor playing with a toy for a few minuets at a time. He does respond to being told NO for the most part and will stop what he is doing. He has not had to have a timeout yet and does not try to hurt his brother or other people. Pets the doggies nicely, but also feeds them his food. When Kolton takes something away from him he cries, sometimes throws a fit and looks at me to get it back. At times I will go to Kolton tell him Karter had it first have him give it back and then take Kolton to get something else, this does not always work. Karter can also find the kitty cat in the book, does not meow though. Call his cup a Ba, I suppose short for bottle, knows what his shoes and socks are, but does not like to put them on like Kolton, understands what taking a bath means and heads to the bathroom, also knows what a nappy nap is and night night. Can say and asks for a cracker when he's hungry, but it sounds more like crah ker. Heads to his chair or whines when I ask if he's hungry around lunch time. Also know what bye bye is and head to the door and also runs when you mention a diaper change. Karter loves to try to climb, thankfully so far neither one of them have tried to climb on the couch or chairs, but it's coming. Karter has the bad habit, which has caused many a head bump, that if he wants something or doesn't want something he will throw himself backwards without regard for what might be behind him. This usually just makes him even more mad. He LOVES anything electronic. Can scope out a phone or camera from across the room makes a beeline for it all the while smiling. Once he sees that your are not going to let him have it, sometimes he throws himself in the floor and cries.

Karter, OHH the camera, uhh hey you think if I smile real big you will let me play with that thing?

That's all I can think of for Karter now, just like Kolton I'm sure there's more.

I have to say I'm very excited for the Holidays this year. I can't wait to put the tree up. I know I'm crazy, it's just going to more than likely end up on the floor or all the ornaments will. Last year I bought a six foot tree with lights already on it. I didn't put any of my really nice breakable ornaments on it. Usually before I had kids my tree was huge, 7 feet tall and was big and fat around. I decked it out in ribbons and bows and pretty glass ornaments, it take a long time to put up and I hate that part and putting the lights on it. I don't mind decorating it and I hate taking it down. Last year after everything we went through, I just didn't have the time or energy to put the big one up. I figure this way if something get broke, no big deal, it's all inexpensive stuff on there anyway. I need to get busy and take some pictures for our Christmas cards this year. Once I get them I'll be sure to post them for all to see.

Whee! Leaves are fun!

Uhh, not whee, I don't really like it down here.

Nope I would rather get up and go this way.


Katrina said...

It's amazing how different siblings can be, even twins. Josiah and Micah are the same way, they're temperments are totally different.

We got our pictures made at the new JC Penny on 29th St across from Tinker on I-40. They really do a good job and they're very affordable especially if you have a coupon. You can usually get sheets for $3.99.

Are you guys going to be at Mimi's tommorrow? I hope so, I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys!