Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Ok, it's a little early yet for happy new year talk, but I'm up late and I've ran out of internet...

I would like to start my new year off right, so I'm gonna put on a little post dedicated to the ones I love..


I'm so happy to have my soul mate. I'm very thankful for you, you really are the perfect wife just for me. It's been over 11 years of great fun and it's gotten better every year. I think it's gotten better than I could have imagined since Karter and Kolton came into our lives. The first year with our premature babies was truly the most difficult year of both of our lives, I didn't think a human could go for six months with no more than 3 hours of sleep at any given time. But every day of the struggle proved that we were designed to be together as one. When the going got rough, we became a well oiled machine that couldn't have ran smoother (even if we may have been asleep during it). I didn't think the two could become one more than we already had, but I was proved wrong by the suffering that we lived through together. I remember well the most stressful day in the history of my life... The day our kids came home. Now that our children are beginning to know who we are, it was worth every sleepless minute of it. You're a great wife and you get greater every day. You about ready to try for number three (and maybe four)? I'm just kidding, the two we have are about all I can handle at the moment..

Karter and Kolton
I know you're too little to read this, but one day I know you will read the whole history of how you came about. You're such sweet little guys, everyone that meets you can see it in your eyes. You will grow up to be caring, gentle, kind, and intelligent. I truly cherish every minute that you lay in my arms and watch television with me. I'm torn over both of you, I want you to grow quickly so I can get to know you as the young men you will become, yet I want to enjoy every minute of your childhood as well. I know the time will pass too quickly, I can see it flying by already and it makes me sad. The second greatest day in my life was when Brandy told me we were going to have a baby, I was thrilled! The number one greatest day of my life though was when the doctor told us there were going to be two of you coming at once. Some moments will forever be a snapshot in your memory, the moment I know we had two coming, is one of those moments for me. I didn't have any idea of the troubles that were to come as a result of that, but looking back from this point, you make the trouble seem irrelevant . The sorrow has turned into great joy, and you're a joy that gets greater every day. We're going to do a lot together, and I can't wait to get started.

Jimmy (almost 2008).


Keelan said...


That is such a great post...You made me cry.

BelleLaDonna said...

Jimmy! That was soo sweet! Brought a tear to my eyes! I hope one day I can write something like that to my hubby and kids and feel the same joy that you do! Happy New Year to you all!

~Amber~ said...

That made me cry...specially the part about the greatest day of your life being when you found out you had 2 babies coming. You sound like an amazing daddy as well as husband. Bless you both!