Monday, May 19, 2008

My little coffee drinker.

Jimmy and I love Starbucks Coffee, well not really coffee, Mocha's to be exact. Several times a week we treat ourselves to one of these. They have espresso in them and anyone who is a parent knows that sometimes you need that extra boost of what I like to call happiness in a cup. I go for the Cafe Mocha, and Jimmy gets the White Chocolate Mocha, that one is too sweet for me. I'm going somewhere with this story I promise. So the boys see our coffee and again as any parent knows your kids want what you have, they don't care what it is they want it. Kolton and Karter want our coffee. I of course don't allow them to have any, but I did catch Jimmy giving Karter a tiny taste of his, I was none to happy about it, I mean come on your gonna give an already very busy boy something that might make him busier. Anyway he did it(daddies always do things that mommies don't let the kids do) and believe it or not Karter LOVED it, which is bad because now he really, really wants our coffee. So the other day when Jimmy came home with our coffee he also came home with two little coffee cups. They were empty and the boys just loved drinking WATER out of them.

Here's Kolton in my shoes, I didn't get a picture of him with his cup, he was not as interested as Karter.


lesleysmeshly said...

First - I love that Daddy and sons shirts are matching...too cute!!

I swear this morning as I was drinking my coffee (a true lifesaver) and Shenzie was trying to get at it I had a brief thought of letting her try it....but then my sanity came back and I knew if I let her taste it I would never be able to drink my coffee in peace again. So my pure selfishness won, not that fact that my 19 month old should NOT be having coffee. =) Hahahaha.

I'm a White Chocolate Mocha girl myself....but seriously $5 bucks for a coffee really pisses me off!!! I invested in my own espresso machine, but of course I can't quite get the iced coffee to taste as good as Starshmucks.

Dara Lee said...

Gage (who is 3 1/2) gets up in the morning, stumbles to the table and says "Dad, I need some coffee and milk." It's only a little coffee, but he just loves it, and gets a kick out of having it in a coffee cup just like Dad too. Nate has been saying "coffee" now in the morning too. I'd rather they drink coffee than pop anyway.

Being Canadian, we drink Tim Horton's, but that's a whole other set of problems. When you do the drive thru, you have to get Tim Bits for the boys and sugar in them is WAY worse than caffeine.

Kelli said...

oh my goodness! way to cute! And...I love that your boys are wearing shirts that match their dad's! I am a peppermint mocha girl....and I am addicted!