Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

First I want to wish each and everyone of the mothers out there who read my site, a Happy Mother's Day. No matter how your children came into your life, raising them can sometimes be a challenge and a hard one at that. The love and pride I feel for my kids outweighs any challenge I have come up against so far, I'm sure you all understand that feeling. Moving on now.

Today we went to the zoo right along with the million other people who went to the zoo today. Today all mothers and children got in free and just the dad's had to pay. We stayed for about 5 hours before we all became tired and decided to leave. It was such a nice day, a little cold in the morning but by mid-day it was nice, but still had a nice breeze blowing. The boys did great, didn't throw one fit and sat in their stroller nicely, when they tired of that we let them out to walk for awhile. I am going to admit to using (gasp) a "baby leash" and I feel no shame for it at all. The kids didn't try to run away, but it felt nice having it as a precaution in case they tried to bolt. You know when you have two toddlers a huge side by side stroller and tons of people around I would rather use one than risk my kids getting lost or hurt. I am happy to announce that a lot of parents were using them and no one gave me dirty looks, at least none I saw.

We went with my sister and her husband and daughter and later my brother, SIL and nephew came too, however we had tired by the time they arrived and only saw my brother for a few minuets. Some of the animals I really wanted to see were not out roaming their habitats as we passed through, such as the gorillas and the big cats, but we still saw and got some good pictures.

Ok I'm rambling now, all you really want to see is pictures anyway. So here you go.

Don't they look just thrilled?
A rare family photo.

I felt so sorry for this guy. I hate that the animals are caged up and some of them seem to be really be bothered by, this guy looked like one of them.


Kelli said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! That is a great family shot....I agree, they are so rare, but it turned out so nice! Love those sunglasses on the boys too!

We have not ventured out to the Washington DC zoo yet, but something I really want to do soon!

Kelli said...

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