Thursday, May 29, 2008


We had a nice Memorial Day weekend. We attended two cookouts and then on Monday we just hung around the house and later cooked shrimp and steak on the grill. YUMMY!

Lately everything has been about water. They love to play in the water, but it's Karter who gets the most enjoyment out of it. For several weeks now that's all he wants to do. If we go outside he is content in just holding the water hose even if it's not running.

Things have been really busy around here lately so if I disappear for a week or more again you will know. We are moving next weekend. Originally we were to close on our new house on June 18, but the bank got their stuff done quickly and said we can close sooner if we want and so we close next Monday, the 7th. Let me tell you we aren't even about packed and ready to go. Our house is still on the market and we don't have a buyer yet. It has been showing steadily, which is a good thing and a bad thing, because as anyone knows moving is not a neat thing. In any sense but I mean things get dirty, junk usually lays around and boxes are everywhere, but I haven't been able to do that because our house is for sale and I have to keep is presentable and buyable looking(buyable you like my new word?), so there you have it. This all make for a stressful situation, throw two toddlers in there and my 8 month old nephew and you have a bonafide mess. Wish me luck.

What happens when brother takes the hose away from you.

What happens when brother sprays water in your face for taking his hose.

Watering flowers at Aunt Jeannie's on Memorial Day


Kelli said...

Those pictures of your boys playing are so cute! wish we lived closer to let all of our guys play together!

Good luck buying your new home and selling your current one. When I was on bedrest, we put our house up for sale and moved into a new one (I was put in the hospital TWO WEEKS after we moved!!!)....I kept hoping and praying that our house would at least sell before the boys were born....and we got an offer and accepted on a Saturday, and I delivered the following day on Sunday!

I hope that everything goes as smoothly as possible for you guys! Can't wait to see pictures of your new home!!!

AND...I LOVE the new "look" of your blog! So cute, and I love the colors. What program do you use to create the header? Was it hard to do? I need to update mine here soon!

Take care,

a portland granny said...

Thanks for leaving your sweet comment on my blog. Your little guys look very busy, very cute and very busy! They are at such a cute stage--I remember there was something new each day to be excited about.

I enjoyed the pictures. Its obvious they aren't identical!! As I looked at them my thought was that they were two little miracles, considering their birth history. You are blessed!!