Monday, February 16, 2009

Little geniuses ???

I give my two boys a lot of leeway to see, touch, and learn things. A little more than mommy would like for me to sometimes, but I do it anyway.

In the last couple of days, Karter managed to take a screw driver to his toy computer and actually get the back off of it! Then, last night he wouldn't stay in bed so I bribed him by telling him that if he would stay in bed I would take him to shawnee with me when I went the next day. He knows that I leave a mower over there for mowing in the summer time. I told him we would go to shawnee after he woke up the next day and he could play with the mower (not turned on of course). He then told me "Need Gas", he remembered a few weeks ago when I told him that we couldn't start it because it was out of gas! Brilliant!

Today I took Karter and Kolton (and Brandy) with me when I went to do some work at our house in shawnee, I was replacing wall plates on some of the electrical outlets when Kolton insisted that I give him one and a screw driver. He promptly stuck the plate on the wall and used the screw driver to screw it in. A flat head screw none the less. Since I don't have any other children (yet ;>), I have nothing to compare to, but to me these guys seem unusually intelligent.


Soralis said...

They sound pretty smart to me! It is amazing how much kids pick up from watching what we do!

Take care