Friday, February 27, 2009


While riding in the car last night there was a good song on the radio. I turned it up a bit and began to sing. At first Karter said "it's too loud, turn it down." He generally says this if anything other than the Mickey Mouse CD is playing. I just continued to sing and then from the backseat Kolton begins to sing in a loud voice his new song. "I want my binkie always, I want my binkie alwaaaays" he sang this over and over each time getting louder and dragging out the word always. It was cracking us up. Then Karter started in with his version. "I want my B always, I want my B always."

They sang that for about 10 mins. Such creative little boys I have. I hope they both inherit the ability to sing. I love to sing and it reminds me we need to listen to more music around the house and not just in the car.

Hmm, I need to get and Ipod docking station. So I don't have to mess with CD's around here.


Kelly D said...

My twins are 4 y/o and say "Mommy turn it up, I cannot hear the music." We are in trouble since they like our music - although I encourage music more their age as much as possible.