Monday, March 08, 2010

Karter's Room Redo

The boys have had their own room for more than a year now. When asked they have no desire to share a room, at all. Karter's room had two outside walls, each wall had a window. His room was drafty and had quite a bit of road noise which I think had been waking him up earlier than he would normally wake. So, we decided to move his room across the hall to what we called the computer room. It only had one outside wall with two window's and was much quieter.

It took a lot of work because there was a lot of crap in the computer room that needed to be packed and moved across the hall, not to mention I wanted to paint Karter's new room.

It took me a full week but I got it done and I'm really happy with the results.



Karter helped pick out the color which is called Olive Martini and it's part of the Lowes Creative Ideas line. Everyone is happy with the redo. Next on the list is to paint the new computer room and finish painting Kolton's room.


BelleLaDonna said...

That is really cute!
Wanna come paint at my house? I hate painting!