Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Yes, We Do Have An Arcade Game!

Last Saturday after I got out of the shower and got dressed, it was too quiet in the house. I called out the boys names and no answer. I called for Jimmy, no answer. So I went looking for them.

I found them all in the office or what we call the computer room.

Here's what they were doing.

Yes, they are playing an arcade game,Ms. Pac-Man to be exact(hubby called me from work to inform me it was ms. pac-man not pac-man. I stand corrected). Would you believe that my hubby build that arcade game with his own two hands? He did, took him about 2 weeks and still needs to be painted, it works and looks and has all the games you could ever want like a real "vintage" arcade game.

Hubby has a love for "vintage" computers. Things that he could not afford as a child, or a young teen when he was developing his love for computers and I might add developing bad eye site after looking at all that tiny code. And those horrible greenish screens that always looked blurry to me.

We have quite a collection of old computer junk around here. The boys love it all three of them!