Friday, March 05, 2010

My Ears are So Tired.

For several weeks now, Kolton has talked non-stop, all day every day, from sun up until sun down.

Of course I love him dearly, but I find myself at times tiring of answering the same questions over and over or talking about the same thing for an hour or more. I don't want to discourage asking questions and learning things so I usually just answer them the best I can over and over. There are times when I try to distract him with something else. It usually dosen't work.

In all that talking they usually say something funny every now and then. The other evening while cleaning Kolton's room I asked him why he had all that trash in his room. He said because I'm slobby. I asked him why he was so slobby he said I'm just made that way. He has an answer for every single thing.

I on the other hand I love their vigor for life and learning even though it wears me out at times.


Eva said...

Lol that sounds like someone at my house for the past 2 years.