Saturday, December 29, 2007

17 months-12 days late.

This is the latest I've been on posting their monthly updates. I actually had to sit down and make myself do it, because I get side tracked by the many blogs I read and the stacked up laundry and the many piles of junk that somehow are piling up in every room. The piles bother me a lot, we have too much junk and I am feeling the need to weed through it all except I don't know where to start and what to do with it all. Anyway, lets get started.

I'm starting with Karter this time.

Karter said he first sentence last night. We were in their room getting them ready for bed, Karter was done, with his jammies on. Jimmy and I were sitting in the floor and he went beside his bed looked at us through the slats and said "I see you" and laughed. It was so cute. He has said it several more times today as well. I have taken the binkies away again during the day. When they were sick they really wanted their binkies but now we are all better, I've taken them away again and their speech seems to have really taken off. I was aware of the binkies possibly hindering their talking and it did while they were sick, thankfully that's over. Karter now has 12 teeth which include 4 molars and another on top coming in. They have both learned to scream and boy do they scream. When they're mad or when they are fighting with each other. They have really started to interact with each other lately. Kolton will hand Karter things and the other day I swear I saw Karter tickling Koltons belly and saying tickle tickle. Still eating well, loves to talk on the phone and any and everything is a phone to him. An old calculator, a computer mouse, a remote control, he holds them all up to his ear and says "hello". He loves to lay down on soft blankets and will say "ahh" when he lays on it. Loves to take drinks out of our cups and says "ahh" when he gets a drink. We have discovered he's my little spicy eater boy. He loves sausage, chili, lasagna, spaghetti and salsa on his chips. He's such a joy and when you hold him he looks at you smiles and lays his little head on your shoulder. Several times he has given my back a soft pat. He usually responds when told no and has not had a time out yet, however he does think you are playing a game sometimes when you tell him not to do something. He runs back over to it smiles and does it again. Usually a stern no is enough to stop him.

"I see you"

Kolton has been repeating everything we say. Every sentence he will repeat some word out of it. He has 13 teeth now. It's so cute to see them chew with their new molars. Kolton's new obsession are pretzels. At a family Christmas gathering someone made popcorn and pretzels with a candy glaze. Kolton went nuts for those pretzels and since then I have bought a bag of pretzel sticks and he begs several times a day for some. I put them in a baggie for him and he carries them around the house getting them out one at a time. Kolton as been in time out several times. He knows when you are telling him no, but he gets this gleam in his eye, looks you straight in the eye, smiles and does it anyway. He still steals toys from his brother, but lately he has been sharing things. Last week several times he took Karter his binkie when he found it on the floor. He has taken him toys and given him a raisin. I always make it a point to tell him what a good job he did of sharing. I don't want Kolton to get a complex or not think he's good enough, because quite honestly it's pretty much Kolton that's always doing something he shouldn't be. On the flip side I try to make sure Karter does not get all his toys taken away and will take his hand and have him go to Kolton to get it back telling Kolton he has to share. Kolton is full of life and you never know what a day with him will bring.

He wouldn't look at me just wanted to chew on the bottle.

For some reason last week Kolton became scared of the ceiling fan in their room and it took me a day to figure out why he kept crying. Finally I figured it out when I went in their room to comfort him for the second or third time. He pointed up to it. I asked if he wanted me to turn it off, I turned it off and he laid down and went to sleep. That lasted a week and he seems fine with it now. Kolton is the first to greet one of his grandparents when they come over. He laughs out loud if someone else is laughing. He will come to you for hugs and grab your hand and lead you to something he wants to show you when you arrive to where he want you to be he will pull down on your hand to tell you this is were whatever he wants or needs is. Kolton is my silly boy that is always ready to ham it up.

"oh hey!, why are you yelling at me?"

I'm sure there is so much more I could say about them, but I'm tired and I still have that laundry and those piles of junk that I should get to. I can't believe that they will be 18 months old soon. My babies are not babies anymore. I still call them babies, but they are toddlers, little boys that have likes and dislikes and know how to tell you about them.