Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Our Christmas Card Pictures

I plan to take some more as soon as I get time, probably this weekend, but I wanted to get our cards sent out so I didn't have to worry about them. This year I went to Walmart's site plugged in some pictures I had taken earlier in the week, chose a card, clicked done and I picked them up the next day. It was so simple and I will defiantly use them again, hopefully next year I can get a better picture and preferably one of the whole family. I ordered 25 cards thinking it would be enough and I would probably have some left over. I was surprised when I used every single one of them. If you don't receive one, I'm so very sorry, I wasn't very organized with my addresses and such. I had to go looking around for them and wasn't sure if I got everyone.

I do have some things to tell you about.

I hope to get video of this soon, but so far everytime the camera or video camera come out they both stop what they are doing and just want to touch the cameras. My kids, like their dad, are so into electronics. They can scope a cell phone, or camera out in a second flat. They smile and make their way over to said device and try to snatch it. Just so you know they are learning to run, it's harder to catch them, but it's cute to hear them giggle and run from you. Ok, sorry I got off the subject there for a second. What I was going to say is that Kolton has taken up singing. They have a book that at one time played music and has a little microphone attached to it. It stopped working long ago and they ripped out the pages, so all that remains the the back cover and the microphone. Kolton drags that thing around singing into it. He holds his little mouth in an O shape and just pours his heart out. He sometimes pauses to place the microphone near your mouth so you can sing too. It's so cute and I'm so glad he likes to sing. I like to sing. A little known fact about me is that I got through my first two years of college on a scholarship singing in my collages music band. We traveled around to local school and sang at local events. I really enjoyed it.

Karter has taken up dancing and at the mere word dance, begins to stomp his little feet and twirl around. He likes to spin around, stop and then walk backwards. He does this until he's dizzy and falls down giggling the whole time. He really likes to preform this for his Papa and Nannie, he just giggles when Nannie laughs at him.

Ahh my silly boys, they are so fun!

Oh and today Kolton climbed on the couch all by himself, crud I knew that was going to happen soon. They totally don't get the gravity thing and just try to nose dive off it. He also moved his toy car to the playpen that we use when Collin is here and climbed inside it.


Anonymous said...

Your boys just get cuter with every picture!! We're all over the place on Holidays too. It's a little exhausting with two little ones. Mimi's house is going to be packed! I think Sheena & Travis are coming but I think they will be late and Crystal and the kids will be there. We're so excited this will be our first Christmas with Crystal in like 7 years. Do you know what everyone is doing about gift giving? There are so many kids now. I wonder if we should start drawing names so atleast all the kids get something. What do you think?


Eva said...

They sound (and look) so adorable! The climbing is big at our house, too, even though they haven't started walking yet. I try to make climbing on the couch into a game where I help them up, but when they try to dive bomb off I catch them and stop them and say feet first, and then turn them around. It took a lot of trials, but now they do turn around and go down themselves backwards (usually). Worth a shot!

Anonymous said...

In the past I know some have brought gifts for the kids and some haven't. I'm with you I don't want to show up empty handed if someone gets a gift for my kids but I don't want to bring gifts for all the kids and then make people feel bad if they didn't bring anything, plus that could be really expensive. I kind of like the idea of the kids drawing names that way they all get to open something, that's where all the fun is and that means that you only have to buy gifts for the number of kids you have. If all the kids are going to be there, that's 13 kids. Wow! Do you know if Rantz and Keelan are going to get to come? I guess we could ask around and see what everyone wants to do. Or we could just make sure that everyone knows not to bring gifts. Does that sound good to you?

Anonymous said...

Everyone on my side would like to draw names if everyone else is game. Since we won't all see each other before Christmas mom said she can draw everyones names for them and then we can just let everyone know who they got. She is going to check with Aunt Carla and make sure they are ok with drawing names. Once we know if everyone wants to do it mom will draw and I can let you know who you, Keelan, & Rantz got and then you can let them know. Does that all sound ok with you? If you would prefer just to e-mail me you can, our address is That might be easier than having to go through the blog. Also if you ever want to reach me at work my address there is

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy,

We accidentally erased your e-mail, so I need to get your e-mail address again if you don't mind. Mom talked to Aunt Carla and she was fine with drawing names, so mom drew everyones names on Sunday. Here are the names for your side:
Kyndie- Natalie
Collin- Cory
Kolton- Cade
Karter- Katelyn
Will you please let Rantz and Keelan know who they got? Do you think we should set a price limit?