Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ice Storm 2007

I couldn't resist this title because as anyone who lives in Oklahoma knows, our weather stations always have to name everything and make it dramatic, and sometimes it is dramatic, but the names always get me. When we had the tornadoes a few years ago in May they are now referred to as the May 3rd Tornados, and everyone in Oklahoma know what they are talking about. Anyway Ice Storm 2007 was the name given to the recent events that took place in our great state. This storm did not produce ice on the roadways, all the damage came from the trees, lots and lots of trees down. Due to the down trees we were out of power for 7 days. That was the longest 7 days I've had in a long time. The power went out on a Monday, we ate dinner in the dark, luckily the roast I had put in the crock pot got done before it went off. Tuesday I went to my Mom's who's power only went out for a few hours, to her advantage an OG&E guy lives in her neighborhood and of course he could pull some strings. So for the next 7 days I went over to her house with kids, junk and usually laundry in tow. We ate breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner over there. The kids were a bit confused as to why we where leaving so early, and why when we came home it wad dark in the house(I told them the trees were broke and the lights broke, for several days they went around saying "tree broke") but we managed. They did not eat well for a few days due to being out of their routine, but I tried to keep it as regular as I could. I brought them home after lunch everyday for a nap. Thankfully we borrowed a generator from a friend who had electricity. With that we were able to run the heater and stay warm. After 4 days and going into the weekend hubby bought a bigger generator that was able to run the freezer, heater, TV, a lamp and our computers. This past Monday afternoon the power came back on and all is well in that area now. I say in that area because on top of all that, now the boys are sick. Kolton has had diarrhea for two days and Karter woke up last night vomiting. He did this on and off for two hours and was able to go back to sleep until 4 when he woke up again vomiting. I finally brought the Pack N Play into our room last night and Karter slept in there. Every time he threw up it woke Kolton up and he got upset and scared for Karter. Everyone slept a little better by separating them. Today no vomit but diarrhea and raw bottoms on both boys. Both have slept a lot today and I don't feel so grand either. And to add some more, I had planned on finishing up my Christmas shopping online, but with the power out and all I was unable to do that and now nothing will arrive in time. I have 5 days to go out and find several gifts for people still on my list. I so don't look forward to fighting the crowds.

Ok that was the longest paragraph ever, but my show is coming on and I still have pictures to post. Also in the next few days I will write the boys 17 month update. There is lots to tell. Until then I give you pictures of ICE STORM 2007.

Most of this tree that is in the neighbors backyard is now in our backyard.

Lots of downed trees lead to lots of candles.

This is only half of the tree limbs that are in our backyard. There are lots more in the front yard too. All still waiting to be cut, anyone want to do it for free?


lesleysmeshly said...

Holy crap! I can't even imagine weather like that!?!?! That ice is beautiful from afar, but I'm sure it's not so much fun when you're in the midst of it...with no power. =( Great photos! Sorry about the fallen trees...that sucks!

One good thing about living in Las Vegas is we have two seasons...Hot and cool. We get little rain, no snow, lots of wind and LOTS of sun. Thats about it!