Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rundown of Christmas 2007

First I want to say that I will be writing the boys 17 month update very soon, like in a day or two. We have been so busy around here. First we had the Ice Storm and went without electricity for 7 days. We got power back, on a Monday and by Tuesday Kolton and Karter were sick. Both had diarrhea and Karter threw up one night for several hours and then once or twice a day or so later. It has taken him 7 days to recover. Kolton did not get it as bad. Everyone got the virus and I mean everyone. Whatever we have/had, which I suspect is Rotovirus, although that has not been diagnosed by a doctor is highly contagious and pretty much anyone who came into contact with the boys when they first got it has gotten it. My nephew, who I watch began throwing up the next day, my brother got it the day after that and his wife a few days later. I got it as well, but thankfully didn't throw up or have diarrhea. My mother in law got it and then both my sister in laws got it. It's a nasty horrible bug and somewhat acts like food poisoning. It causes back pain and neck pain, the shakes and a slight fever, possible diarrhea and vomiting and strangely gas. Poor kids, Karter did not eat well for a week, today is the first day he has been eating at meal times. Anyway lets move on, I'm sure you didn't want to know all that stuff.

So after a week of sickness then we had the holidays. I didn't get my shopping done like I would have liked and my Mom is having to wait on some of hers, but it got done. We had 3 days of celebrating starting on the 23rd with my Mother in laws. We had a nice time and good food, however she did not feel well due to the virus I mentioned above. The kids got some really nice stuff, it was a nice day. On the 24th there was talk about rescheduling Christmas at my Dad's also due to said virus mentioned above, but at the last moment we went ahead with it. The kids once again got some amazing gifts as did Jimmy and I. We got a date night with dinner and a movie and even a babysitter from my Dad and Step-Mom, what an awesome gift and much needed by all of us, me, my sister and brother and our spouses because in the last year we have all gone from no children to kids and as everyone knows the first year is a doozy. We then went next door, where my MiMi lives(my brother, nephew and sister in law went home, due to said virus, because there were lots of children there and my elderly great grandma) and had lots of yummy food, with lots of family. On Christmas morning it was just Jimmy the boys and I. We opened our gifts, the boys played with all their new toys for a bit and then we got dressed and headed to my Mom's for Christmas dinner. It was all very yummy, then we opened more gifts, the boys got some more cool stuff and I got some money to burn, Amazon here I come. It was a very busy 3 days, well actually a very busy 2 weeks, but it's all over now and things are back to normal. I took the tree down today and am now sorting through clothes and toys that we are no longer using. I plan on selling some of it, anyone interested? So that was our holiday in a nutshell. Good food, laughter and time spent with family, that's what I enjoy about the holidays.

I hope everyone had a nice a very Merry Christmas.

Kolton at Nana's checking out the presents.

Karter pointing at the camera. He is obsessed with cameras and phones.
(he's still was not feeling well here)

Kolton Christmas Eve at Papa's. "hey where's the presents?"

Karter found Nanie's camera and thought he hit jackpot.

5 Generations.
From L to R: My dad and Karter, me, Kolton, my great grandma(mamaw), my sister, her daughter, my grandma(mimi, my dads mom)

Christmas Morning

Boys are still sleepy.

After everything had been opened.

Just a side note. They put WAY too many plastic things that hold the toys in on the toys now days. It took forever to get those things open. Also I forgot to bring my camera to my moms in the rush to get out the door. Both my sister's had cameras so I'm waiting on pics from them.