Friday, December 14, 2007


You might noticed we haven't posted in a while...
We've been out of electricity for almost 5 days now.
We've been fortunate to have a neighbor that happened to have a small generator that he was able to loan us. I hooked that into the central heat and air and kept the house pretty toasty warm. We are now looking at spending the weekend with no power other than the little generator so I went and bought a more powerful generator today. We can now power the satellite, television, both computers, the freezer, the CH&A, and enough kitchen appliances to cook some dinner! I suspect now that we have the larger generator around, OG&E will show up quickly to turn on the power.

I had been meaning to get a generator for a while, now at least we'll have one for emergencies.

Here's Brandy surfing the web by candle light :>, you can click for a larger view.


BelleLaDonna said...

That's horrible! Hope y'all get power soon! How were the boys through all this?