Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Short Update

Just a short quick update here. I've been super busy gathering up stuff for a MASSIVE garage sale this Saturday. I've avoided a garage sale for several years now, but with all the baby clothing and equipment that has been stuffed into every corner of our house, I think it's time to have one. I'm not sure what to expect but if I'm correct it's going to be really busy.

Just want to share a quick story with you guys. Last weekend we went to Tulsa to visit Jimmy's dad. He had surgery to remove some cancer, thankfully everything seems to be going really well and they think they got it all. Get better soon Nana's Papa! Anyway the drive it 2 hrs long one way. The boys did excellent, neither cried or fussed and neither slept on the way there. In all the drive there was more like 3 hours because we stopped to get something to eat. That's the farthest they have been away from home and the longest they have ridden in the car. I was so proud of them! While there they charmed everyone and were so well behaved in the hospital room. My kids are so awesome, I must be doing something right. These kids have manners I tell you! Go me or us I should say! On the way back they slept for a little while, but they woke up when we stopped for ice cream. The only crying that was done was because I wasn't shoveling ice cream into their mouths fast enough. The stayed awake for the rest of the ride home and went to bed without a fight. They always go to bed without a fight at least for now and for that I'm so grateful.

Here are some fun pictures from today.

My three boys, checking out the underside of Kolton's bed.
I see you Kolton!

I see you too Karter!