Monday, March 17, 2008

Hello Money

The garage sell was a huge hit. Thank you to Keelan and Greg for not only helping, but talking me into having one to begin with. I mostly had lots and lots of kids clothing some adult clothing and household items. Are you ready for the total.......drum roll please....... I made 700.00 bucks. Can you believe that? My sister didn't make out bad either, she made 200.00. I opened the door that morning to let the cat in at 7:30 and people were already circling around and parked outside. We opened the garage door at 7:45 or so and were just bombarded with people. The first hour was utter chaos. We plan on having another one this summer at my moms house. She just recently moved back to Oklahoma and has lots of stuff to get rid of as well. Ok enough of that.

Yesterday we went to my moms for a get together for my sister Rylee's 16th birthday. Her birthday is actually today. Happy Birthday Rylee! While there I got several pictures.

Rylee plays the drums and when Karter heard her playing he wanted to play as well. Nannie is holding him while he plays. He is holding the stick backwards and when Rylee turned it around for him he flipped it over again. I guess he thinks this is how you should hold it.

Kolton wanted to watch but didn't want to play them.
My grandma with her great-grandkids. Collin and Kyndie. Look at all those blue eyes.

Today the boys are 20 months old. I will write up their 20 month post later.


lesleysmeshly said...

Great drum kit, I'm jealous!!!

Way to go on the yard should go buy yourself a little present with some of the money since I'm sure you worked your booty off at the sale!!!

Tag, you're it!!