Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cuteness and Grossness!

The boys are really starting to bond and show their affection for each other lately. The other day I went to Wal-Mart and I took Karter with me. I thought he might like some one on one time with mommy. Jimmy took Kolton in the other room as I left and before we got to the car Karter was very concerned and saying Kolton's name. He didn't really want to go without his brother. Through our whole time at Wal-Mart he was very somber. While Karter and I were gone, Jimmy said Kolton was looking for Karter and mommy. Once we got home all was good again. They will bring each other their juice cups or toys. They of course fight over things as well, but usually get along. It's very interesting and so cute to see them interact more and more everyday.

If I'm sitting on the floor Karter will run up behind me give me a hug and then start massaging my back or neck. I've been giving him little massages for a long time. I rub his neck and back and feet, he really likes this especially at bedtime. He has watched Jimmy rub my neck so when he does this it is so sweet. All you feel are these tiny little hands kind of squeezing your neck.

Now for the grossness. I did not see this but Jimmy told me about it. Last night Karter apparently learned to pick his nose. Jimmy said he stuck his finger up his nose pretty far, pulled out a booger and wiped it on Jimmy's leg. Hahah and ewww! Boys will be boys!


Keelan and Greg said...

That one made me laugh until I cried! How funny, that is sooo what Jimmy gets!