Friday, April 11, 2008


The tantrum monster has come to visit at our house. I really wish he would have asked before he came because I would have told him that now is not a good time. As a matter of fact never is a good time, how bout that. Anyway he seems to have won Karter over and Karter has been throwing about one a day. Usually they aren't too bad, but tiring for him and me none the less. When he throws one Kolton get very concerned and will say "Kar-Ter" over and over and sometimes he tries to get him and bring him to me, which just makes him madder. These have been happening after he wakes from his nap and sometimes during the day if he doesn't get what he wants, like going into the computer or "puter" room, our keys or cell phone or the house phone. Thankfully they haven't lasted too long and my approach so far has been first ask him what's wrong, if it's because he wants something I usually acknowledge that he wants it, and I know it is making you mad but you can't have it now. The other day if I even breathed in his direction he would turn his head and say "NO". Oy! I don't look forward to these at all. I've got to get some sort of time out plan in order. We haven't really had to use it so far. What are you other mom's out their doing for your almost 2 year olds?

The pimple that is not a pimple is back full force again. It was looking so good for about a week or so almost gone, and then there it is again. I have tried what the doctor has told me to do and it has not worked. It does not seem to hurt him, but it's ugly and I want my babies little cute face to be free of it. Thankfully their doctor's appt is coming up soon and unless he knows what it is, I'm requesting to be referred to the dermatologist.