Saturday, April 26, 2008

21 month Stats, and Ghost Hunters

The doctor appointment of Friday went good. I was even brave enough to take them both in without the stroller. Both boys held my hand like perfect little gentleman and, I even let them play with the germie public toys in the office. Eww! They were so good, when our name was called they held my hands and followed me back. They both got a little teary eyed when the nurse weighed them and took their measurements, but recovered quickly. They both kept saying "bye bye" and "daddy" over and over, basically telling me they wanted to leave. As we waited for the doctor both sat on my lap and I told them several times that the doctor was going to come and see them and listen to their hearts and tell us how big they have gotten. They both seemed to understand and Kolton kept saying "see me". I was trying to prepare them because Kolton has "white coat syndrome" and usually cries which starts Karter crying. When the doctor came in both just continued to sit on my lap as the doctor looked in their eyes and ears and did the whole spill. They kept talking to the doctor about "bobo" the dog. No crying while the doctor was in the room. Then it was shot time. I laid both on the table pulled down both their pants. The nurse gave each one a shot quickly, I brought out the b's(binkies) and they cried for a second. Kolton however before the shot said "no" several time and then when she poked him he said "oww" and pushed her hand away. Karter said "no" several times. When we were fixing to leave Kolton with tears still in his eyes ran to the door, opened it(he can open the ones with the handicap handles) and said "go". They got suckers and as we left they both said "bye" to the nurse. Then they held my hand as we left. I was so proud of them they are growing up.

26 lbs
34 1/2 in tall
49 1/2 cm head

25 lbs
33 1/2 in tall
48 1/2 cm head

Oh, I forgot to mention that the doctor said, that what is on Kolton's face did in fact look like pimples. At first he didn't look at it very well and tried to give me some sort of cream. I was persistent and kept saying it's been there for months. It acts like a pimple he look at it closely and said it did indeed look like a pimple and it had some blackhead looking things around it. So he gave us some cream for pimples and said it should be gone in 7 to 14 days. We will see, I'm calling the dermatologist if it isn't gone in the allotted days, however it does look better today.

And now for the Ghost Hunters part.

I really like the show Ghost Hunters, I DVR it every Wednesday and watch it commercial free later.

Last weeks episode had the funniest blooper I've yet to see on this show. I died laughing, because you know every one loves a little poo humor.


Eva said...

They are so cute, and so big!

And I just watched that link you gave and it was quite funny!