Monday, April 21, 2008

21 Month Update

You know that house I referred to in the previous post, the one we loved? Well, we decided we don't love it so much and are not making an offer. However, we are still putting our house on the market and we will began to look for a house closer to Jimmy's work. We will probably live in a town that is about 15 mins away from the one we currently live in.

Now for the update. For this months update I'm just going to lump it into one paragraph instead of one for each kid. Mostly because I'm tired and lazy tonight and because they are pretty much doing the same things now.

Month 21 so far has not been fun. We are only days into it and we have lots and lots and LOTS of whining. Fit throwing, getting super frustrated, screaming, fighting with each other, and getting up and hour and a half earlier than they normally do. This is despite all the outside time they have been getting and going to bed at there normal time(7:30) super tired. They are still taking a nap in the afternoon(thank goodness). They have gotten super picky and it's a huge chore to find something they will eat. They have pretty much abandoned breakfast, no matter what I give them. I even tried to give them donuts one day to see if it was just the stuff I was offering, but nope no donuts for them, which I'm kinda glad about. If this is an indication to the "terrible two's" I only hope it doesn't get worse. So far, they have continued to sleep through the night.

Kolton has peed in the potty twice now. He is beginning to tell me when he has pooped or peed, so I suppose soon we will have to get on with the potty training. Karter is still not really interested. Karter's obsession with computers and phones has become some what un-healthy, for me that is. Un-healthy because I have to hear the fit that ensues every time he sees a phone or hears the computer room door open. This morning and in his attempts to get us up so very early he and Kolton were saying every single word they know. Including computer"puter" and phone, B(binky), mommy, daddy, Bobo(the dog) and a few others before they began to scream at 6:30. Yeah, us!

So I'm hoping their crankiness or whatever it is will slow down or go away soon. They are happy for the most part, but man oh man those mins or hours when they aren't are not pretty.

I don't look forward to showing our house and I don't look forward to packing and moving, but I do look forward to having more room. Our house here as served us well. We have lived here 8 years, but quite frankly we have out grown it and the backyard is small, not enough room for a huge dog(great dane) and two smaller ones and two kids and all their toys. We are looking for a least an acre, so I will keep you posted. Oh, updates on weights and heights on the kiddos on Friday, that's when they have their next doctor appt.

These pics where taken about at week ago, since then the weather is much nicer and we can go out in shorts and no jacket.

This is Zeeo or Bobo we call him both. He's our 9 year old Great Dane


Jacki said...

Hi! I began hitting the 'next blog' button at the top of my page today and lo and behold up your page came. Your twin boys are beautiful. It sounds like you've been through a mother's nightmare and have come through on the other side. Wow. I read the post in which you ask what other moms do for their tantruming (not a word) toddlers. My daughter turned two in March and I don't know if she's unusual...but what works for her is this: when she begins to throw a tantrum I tell her, "This is called a tantrum. where would you like to have it? In the toy room or the bathroom?" (the two private rooms on our main floor). She stomps off to one of them and by the time she gets there the steam of the tantrum is usually gone...or she'll just have a 'pretend one' and come out saying, "I'm happy now!". For her just naming the emotions seems to help. But I've read that separation from the tantrum-ee (another non-word :) is the very best.(If you like reading, "Have a New Kid by Friday" by Kevin Leman is awesome!) It's pointless without an audience. However, I am keenly aware that some toddlers are much more dedicated to their way than my daughter seems to be (I think my infant son may end up that way) who knows if this will help at all?? Anyhow, I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. Very nice photos, too!

BelleLaDonna said...

Zeeo looks smaller than I remember him to be..has he shrunk?? hah..and the boys must have given him some gray hairs! But he does look very happy! Glad to see that the weather is getting better there! Hope everything goes well with the house hunting! Miss you!