Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mr. Booger Picker & Blog Headers

This was my first attempt to create my own blog header. While I don't think it's bad, it's not my favorite, however it will have to do for the month of April. I got the idea from Lesley, since I've seen her do it, to change the look every month. Hopefully the headers will only get better. With that said I hope you like it and you find the colors pleasing. Let me know if anything is hard to read or out of place.

Lets move on to Mr. Booger Picker.

Karter spends sometime every day with his finger in his nose. I've yet to see anything come out, but when Jimmy did at least he wiped it on Jimmy and didn't eat it. Eww! Last night after dinner, while the boys where playing with daddy, Karter did it again. This time I had my camera. He was happy about it, both the camera and the nose picking. On a side note he calls the camera a "bopdit" or something like that. I've yet to figure out what he is saying, but he says the same word over and over when I have the camera. I've told him it's a camera to which he replies "bopdit". Maybe he is saying "want it" since that's really all he works for when he does see the camera. Enjoy the pics. Several are a blurry. My battery was low and I had the flash on so it was taking a second to fire and lagging behind what I wanted it to do. Blurry or not you get the picture.

"Hey Mom, watcha got?""oh the bopdit(camera), let me smile for you"
still smilingfeeling the urgeto pick his nose
"hey look mom, get this on the bopdit!"still picking
Still happy about picking his nose
"ok, now what do you want me to do? Can I touch that thing yet?"

Lest we not forget Kolton, who was playing with an empty snack box while the picking was going on.This kept him busy for some time.

And the pimples that are not pimples are back. The boys have an appoint on the 21 of this month for their last shots and a well check-up, at that time I will address this again, unless it get worse between now and then. I think it has something to do with what he is eating. When I was a kid I would break out on my chin if I ate chocolate, it didn't stop me mind you. I've tried to watch for triggers and chocolate might be one. I will have to investigate further.


lesleysmeshly said...

I love the new look!!! The good thing about changing it monthly is I never get bored and if I don't really like it (like this months) it is only for a little while and then presto! New design.

Love the booger eater photos! So funny!!! The things our kids do as payback!

Kelli said...

I love the new colors and header for your blog! Very "Spring"!! Which I am anxiously waiting for! A few days ago it was in the mid-70's, and then yesterday we had hail!!!

The pictures of Karter are really boys have discovered their nose too....and when I tell them to stop, they just smile and do it more! AHH!

By the way, I love Karter's shirt!

- Kelli

BelleLaDonna said...

Brandi! Those have to be the funniest pictures of Karter ever! I laughed so hard! Also, the look on Kolton's face when he is playing with that box is "I really want these...why aren't they coming out" HAHA! Oh, and Karter's shirt it too cute! Both the boys are getting so big and they are adorable!