Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Update

Still don't have my computer up and running, as a matter of fact still don't have the office up and running. Currently Jimmy's computer is together on his desk in the room surrounded by boxes and my desk is still in the garage somewhere. I still haven't taken any pictures although I do know where my camera is but not sure where my card reader is at. I hope to post pictures soon, yeah I know I said that last time, but it's been super busy around here. We went from 1459sq ft to about 2500 + sq ft. We don't have a fence yet so I have to shuffle dogs in and out all day not to mention all the door have those handicap like knobs on them and the boys can get them open so I have to make sure they are always locked and can't step outside for a second without them opening the door. Our house is a new home, but the dishwasher didn't work and a repair guy had to fix it, just got that done today. The house has two hot water heaters, but the one on the boys end of the house didn't work so it had to be looked at yesterday. Still waiting on a part for it. My guinea pig died yesterday, she was very old. Took me two days to catch two of my cats, this required me driving to my old town 30 mins away. They are mostly outdoor cats but do come in to eat and one stay in sometimes at night. Both got out last night and I hope they can figure out where their new house is. So it's been busy and I don't see it slowing down for awhile. I've got a garage sale planned at the old house in two weeks then the boys 2nd birthday is coming up. On top of that I'm praying for the quick sale of the two homes we own in my old town, our old home and a rental.

Besides all that I've kept the boys schedule pretty much the same. They have done excellent with the transition and have continued to sleep through the night starting with the first night. Really I couldn't ask for anything better. My kids have been well rested even if I haven't.

So dear Internet, I just wanted to let you know I'm here, I haven't forgotten about you and I miss you all. I've made quick stops by several of your sites, but alas boxes call and I've not made it to all of them.

Hope to be back in working order soon. I know you are all dying to see pictures and I'm dying to post some.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy,

I'm excited to see pictures of everything. I'm glad to hear the boys are doing well. It's amazing how they can adjust to new things so quickly. I hope everything continues to go well and you're able to sell the houses quickly.

Love you guys!

Dara Lee said...

And I thought I was busy! I am sending all of my positive thoughts your way that you will be settled in soon.

Good luck!