Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm back and here's my backyard.

I'm so glad to be back. The office is not fully up and running, but my computer is, so for now that's all that matters.

The boys turned 23 months old yesterday. I will write their monthly post in a day or two.

For now I thought I would share some pictures of my backyard. We are currently waiting to put a fence up, which I will be so glad when it's done. I say waiting because we will be sharing the cost with two of our neighbors. The neighbor to the north of us has already called someone and the fence should be going up anytime. The fence at the back of our property will be shared with the guy who owns the horses. We are not sure when he is going to get started on the fence, as he is the one that is going to be putting it up. Some sort of fence that is safe for livestock but safe for children as well. Not having a fence has been no fun, mostly for me and the dogs. The dogs are used to being able to go out and run around the backyard all day if they like, for now the two little dogs are inside all day, unless I go out with them. The big dog is on a long line and he is beginning to seem a little depressed as he likes to run around too and has never been contained like this before.

With that said our view is just beautiful. It's one of my favorite things about this house. We have a bay of 5 windows in the breakfast area that looks out the backyard, and two sets of French doors, one in our room and the other in the living room.

The boys just love all the room they have to run around in and boy do they wear me out chasing them making sure they stay out of trouble until we get a fence to fence them in. They like to look out the windows too and both exclaim "horsey" when they see the horses.

So for now enjoy some pictures of the backyard and of course one of the cuties as well.

One of the three horses. My property line ends where that white pole is at. We have a little over an acre.

A storm rolling in.

And the cuties.


Able Oaks Ranch Alpacas said...

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you might want a hurricane or wood fence around the house for the boys, and electric or barbed wire out in the pastures for the livestock.