Friday, June 27, 2008

Comments made to me about my twins.

While working at my garage sale last Saturday, a women overheard me saying I had twins.

Lady: "Oh you have twins"
Me: "yes two boys"
Lady: "Are they Identical?"
Me: "no fraternal"
Lady: "hmm, that's too bad, I like for them to be identical"
Me: ???(under my breath, sorry to disappoint)

While in Dollar General Yesterday.

Lady: "What is the age difference of your boys?"
Me: "They are twins"
Lady: "oh I was going to ask that then I thought the dark haired one was older" (I get this statement a lot)
Me: "nope their twins"
Lady: "That's called fraternal right?" "They really do look alike, well except for their hair color"
Me: "haha, thank you"

First she said they don't look alike then she said they do. Really they don't, they just look like brothers. Why do people assume if they were born on the same day they have to look alike? They really don't get the whole fraternal twin thing.


Cheryl Lage said...

Hee hee! We have boy/girl twins (fraternal, obviously) but invariably folks asked if they were identical..even if they were in pink and blue!

Now that our twins are 6.5, and our he-twin is 5" taller than his "little" sister, folks ask how much older he is...and then when I say "seven minutes" more often than not they respond, "But they're not twins!"

(Ummm, I'm pretty sure that they are! ;) )

Like your blog a lot! :)