Wednesday, June 25, 2008

March for Babies

It's that time again folks, time to March for Babies. As you may have noticed I have placed my fund raising gadget on the sidebar of my page. This year I have a lower goal quite simply because I'm not the ambassador family this year and I am not sure what kind of goal to set for my team. I chose $300. I figure surely I can raise $300, right? If I raise more that would be awesome but $300 is a nice place to start. In a few days I will be posting how the March of Dimes helped Kolton and Karter as well as some more information about the March of Dimes. This organization is near and dear to me not only for what they do, but for what they did for my boys. If you can donate it would be greatly appreciated, any amount is fine. If that's not possible, just spread the word, tell others about the March of Dimes. Knowledge is priceless and every penny counts.

It's partly because of the March of Dimes that my kids are alive and well and doing their favorite things. Like playing in the water.