Thursday, June 19, 2008

23 Month Update

Ah, the boys are just one month away from being two. Where did the time go. Once upon a time I thought I would not survive the early days, with no sleep, and not time to do anything, but here I am, two years later. Let me just clarify I'm so glad the earlier days are over. While I do have some fond memories of those days, mostly not and while some really enjoy having small infants, I did not. Now don't get me wrong, I loved them dearly would do anything for them, and I did, but I just prefer these days over those. As a matter of fact I knew I would, while I like babies, I've never been a big baby person, I like toddlers. They are funny and fun, and boy do they wear you out, in a running after them, laughing a lot kind of way.

Kolton-At last weight in about a month ago he was 27lbs, he feels much heavier to me now but I have not weighted him in a while. He's pretty laid back and will play contently by himself most times. He seems to be more of a mama's boy lately. He can communicate what he wants and needs through words and for the most part I understand him. He's not very gentle with the animals and prefers hitting them or pulling their hair. All animals run from Kolton. He's very silly and will sometimes make funny faces at us. He understands pretty much everything I ask of him or tell him, which still surprises me sometimes. He has the most beautiful brown eyes, they are so dark and he just get more handsome the older he gets. Not that I'm biased or anything.

Karter- At last weight he was 26lbs that was also a month or so ago. Karter is not really laid back as a matter of fact he can get pretty uptight and usually does so on a daily basis. He is a daddy's boy and love to do all the things daddy does. Daily he begs to play with the phone, computer, keys, outside and to mow. If either one of those are met with a no, which they usually are, then a meltdown ensues. However, when you do say yes, which he usually get to do one of these things daily, just not at the time he want to do them, he is the happiest kid alive. He LOVES the water or should I say water hose. We bought a kiddie pool just last night and will see if he likes that tonight. Karter is using 3 word sentences now. Just yesterday he said to me and Jimmy "Kolton play water" which was correct because Kolton was playing in the sink. He's always saying "mommy eat", "daddy eat", "Kolton eat" and so on. He's one smart cookie. He has the most beautiful smile and his little mouth just makes you want to kiss him all over. Although he was the baby face of the two, he is really looking like a little boy now days. I've got the two cutest kids ever.

They have really done so great through this move. I might write a post soon on why I think they did so good. I deliberately did somethings I think helped with the transition.


Stacie said...

Super adorable.

I know what you mean about the early days. People (usually mothers with one infant) ask me how I survived and I tell them, quite honestly, that I don't really remember the first 3 months all that well. I think if someone told me I was having twins again I would have a nervous breakdown. I don't think I could do two babies again.

Eva said...

They really are beautiful. I'm glad they are so much fun and that you are enjoying parenting them so much these days.