Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bunch of Thanks and The One Were She Was Sick

Thank you everyone who visited and commented on the Holiday Tour. I thought that was fun and I spent way to much time looking at other people's blogs. I like to see in other people's houses, I like to see how they decorate and what their stuff looks like. And now I have several new blogs I will be visiting.

We have still been sick. Not only is everyone in this house sick but my mom has the same thing. Hopefully the rest of the family will not get it but we were all together at a funeral the other day.
I have choir practice tomorrow and I feel much like Phoebe did on that Friends episode when she was sick and her voice changed, although I don't think I sound better like she did and I won't be singing Smelly Cat, but dangit now that song is stuck in my head. I suppose I will go to practice tomorrow, see what happens and then decide if I can still participate in the actual program. I don't want my squeaky voice messing things up.

Christmas is getting closer and I still have a few things to get and I have it all to wrap. I can't wait to get with family and see all the kids play and eat yummy holiday food.

Oh and several post back Jennifer commented on one of my posts. Jennifer are you still reading this? Jennifer was one of our favorite nurses while the boys were in the NICU, she took excellent care of them. Jennifer, I just wanted to let you know how nice it was to hear from you. I still think about all you guys, it's nice to know you haven't forgotten us either. Thank you for the NICU address I will be sending a Christmas Card. I've said this so many times but even though the Nurses in the NICU are just doing their jobs they really make a huge impact on so many lives. Thank you so much for taking such good care our our babies while in the hospital.

Here's a picture of Kolton taking his nap a few days ago. This was when he felt at his worse. He wanted to wear these gloves and he wore them all day.