Tuesday, December 02, 2008

There's a What in the What

Today on his way to work Jimmy called me and said he found a quarter sticking out of his CD player in his car. He then tried to put a CD in and it wouldn't go. He discovered that one of the boys has stuffed change in his CD player. We assume it happened this weekend when they were playing in the car as daddy cleaned the garage. So now he has to take the CD player out and get the change out.

This morning on my way to take a shower. Kolton came and was telling me something about the TV cable in our room. He had pulled on it and disconnected it not only from the wall but from the little thing that screws into the wall.

Then this evening before I cleaned the toys up. I was sitting on the couch and I noticed something in the fireplace keyhole. On closer inspection Jimmy found out it was a piece of cheese that the boys had just been eating. We were sitting right there and neither one of us saw them do it.

These boys are mischievous I tell ya.