Friday, December 05, 2008

My Thoughts on Recent Shows.

Every time I see the Polar Express I wonder why they made Tom Hanks charactor the Conductor so harsh at times. He speaks harshly to the kids. Why? What is the point in that, why isn't he all happy go lucky. Also Santa looks kinda scary at times. Especially, when he hands the bell back to the little boy, who's name escapes me at the time. Anyway I like my Santa's jolly, ya know, like the song says. Jolly ole Saint Nick.

Secondly, what is up with the whole Denny/Izzy thing on Gray's Anatomy. I don't really like that whole story line. Once again what's the point. I'm confused and why can she touch him much less uhh have sex with him. That's just weird. I really like the show but not liking that story line so much. I'll be glad when it's over. Oh and I'm not digging Torres being a lesbian all the sudden either.

Thirdly, why did they take Journey Man off? I loved that show it was much like Quantum Leap, which I also loved. However, the leading guy on journey man now plays Christina's boyfriend on Gray's Anatomy.

And this is totally off the subject of tv shows, but I just discovered these, the cherry cordial kind. They are delish and so not going to help me lose the weight. I did however get on the elliptical today and the day before yesterday.