Friday, June 05, 2009

Bulldozers, two little boys and their dad.

So last Friday we finally got our cellar. The boys were excited to see the big "tractor" and watch the whole thing take place. I stayed in the house for the first part, the hole digging, and then went outside to watch when they actually placed the cellar in the ground.
Let me just tell you that was a BIG, DEEP, hole. Ten feet deep to be exact. We opted for a totally buried cellar with only the door and the vents sticking out of the ground. Jimmy didn't want the slanted ones because he was a little worried that it might get sucked out of the ground. I doubt that would happen, but we have had an F5 here several years back and that thing leveled whole neighborhoods, so who knows.

In all the above photo's the bulldozer was not on or running when the boys were that close to it. All photos, except the first one were taken by daddy.

Also, my computer has been having issues and I had to have my photoshop reloaded and I lost my copyright brush. So just a reminder DO NOT steal my photos.