Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Mini Vacation

We have been wanting to take a little vacation, but didn't know how the boys would do and didn't have a lot of cash to blow. So we took a mini vacation within our state. We drove 2 hours or so to Tulsa and stayed in the Radisson. They had this really cool indoor mini water park within the hotel as well as an outdoor pool. We played in the water, had dinner with their Uncle Joey and Jaylee then visited Aunt Janell. They did wonderful in the hotel and feel asleep easily. The next day we went to the Jenks Aquarium and looked at all kinds of fishies. It was a huge success! Everyone had fun and it proved to us that it's not too difficult to travel, at least a short distance, and have an over night stay with the boys.

It was FUN and I can't wait to do something again.


Erin said...

How fun! What a great idea. We may have to give that place a shot. And your boys are so brave. Jake would be found no where near that water slide!