Thursday, June 04, 2009

I Feel Sick and Very Sad.

I've been reading this ladies blog for a year or more. I found her while searching for other preemie moms who had blogs. I followed and prayed while her daughter was in and out of the hospital. I looked at family pictures of her other two children and husband. I worried about this little girl, I didn't have a good feeling. My sixth sense, that has never been wrong, was telling me that something was very, very wrong and I worried the little girl might die. So when I couldn't get to her blog for several days, I worried that she might have passed or her family was being threatened since she made no secrete to her last name or where she was at. So with a worried feeling I googled the daughter's name and was sickened and saddened to find that the little girls own mother was the one making her so sick.

I realize that the mother is sick and needs serious help, but she almost killed that little girl and her other two children who I'm sure love her dearly are losing their mother and her husband how shocked he must be. It's all very sad and proof that you never really know what's going on in someones life or behind someones computer screen.

Of course her blog is private now, but this is what I found when I searched the daughters name.