Saturday, June 06, 2009

Changes Coming to the Ole Blog

I've been finding the Internet more depressing than uplifting lately. I've been pretty upset about this situation it's just heartbreaking. It's sad in and of itself, but I read her blog daily, commented several times and read about the repeated, hurtful procedures and surgeries, a lot possibly caused or helped along by the ill mother.

This lead me to realize that there are many blogs that I am reading or follow every few days that are just absolutely depressing. When the boys were born I searched for other bloggers that were or had been in the same situation I've followed some of those for years now. Of course a long the way they would link to blogs or people who needed prayers and that's how I found pretty much all the blogs I read.

Anyway, I can't deal with it anymore. I tired of all the hurting, the babies dying, the families mourning, people getting hurt. There are so many more I could link to, but won't, sad blogs aren't hard to find. I feel like I need to step out of the three year repression. My boys are fine, we are fine. No one died, we are lucky, way luckier than some other really good people who weren't so lucky. I've decided to stop following a lot of those blogs. My blog roll will soon contain more light hearted stuff. Stuff that I enjoyed before the boys were born. Stuff that I'm only now getting to enjoy doing again. My crafty side was gone for a long time it's coming back now. It's time to move on.