Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trying to Stay Busy

With it being so hot here lately we've had to do outside things earlier in the morning and try to stay busy inside in the afternoon. It's been hard trying to keep the boys from killing each other. Not really, but good grief, who knew that almost three year olds would pick on each other SO stinkin much. They hit each other, steal toys, try to push each other down, yell and tattle on each other, and when their not doing that they follow me around whining about this or that. There are some days that I look forward to their bedtime so I can have some down time, and other times when we are having fun and I miss them when they go to bed.

My little men like to be busy. I have noticed however that when they are here with Jimmy they play better, or at least they don't follow him around whining as much. However, maybe that's because he doesn't move around that much(love you honey:0), he's not going from room to room trying to clean. I have to add that I don't mean that in a bad way, he does work all day, and does do stuff around the house. Oh you guys know what I mean right? Kids seem to follow mom around more and whine, while with daddy they don't do that as much.

I hear it only gets worse on the fighting front. I don't look forward to that.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy,

Josiah and Micah are exactly the same. One minute they're loving on each other, the next minute they're fighting over something, sometimes it's over a piece of paper with Spiderman on it; it's insane. Josiah doesn't follow me around whining anymore but Micah definately does. Sometimes all I can do is laugh at them. I'll be sitting there thinking everything is so peaceful and then all of the sudden Micah will walk up to Josiah for no reason and do something to annoy him and then the craziness starts all over again. I don't know what they would do without each other, I love having 2 little boys!