Friday, June 12, 2009

My MisTreatments Of The Window Variety

As I was cruising around the home decor blogs several months back I found Thrifty Decor Chick. Heeeelllooo!! I instantly fell in LOVE with her blog, her wit and her money saving decor ideas. Oh and that girl loves her some molding and is not afraid to use a her nail gun or her miter saw. As I was reading her site I became aware that she pretty much makes all her curtains herself, and here's the kicker WITHOUT sewing a stitch. That was right up my alley, cause I can't sew.

Sewing and I don't get along too well. We tried to work together, but we would squabble and finally I had enough. I divorced sewing and have never looked back. Sorry sewing you're just not my type. Ironing and I aren't' on the best of terms either but a least we can be civil and work together. Actually bobbin caused me more trouble than sewing, but they were a packaged deal so they both had to go.

So needless to say I don't sew. My sister can sew and I'll just leave that to her.

As I read her archives I found many more helpful home decorating blogs. I'm not sure if I found Nesting Place there on another site, but she's so smart and thrifty and makes a mean mistreatment.

I suppose I should explain what a mistreatment is. This is directly off Nesting Place, and this post.

Mistreatment: (n). covering for a window that is quick, cheap and pretty. may or may not need hardware does not require sewing. a real designer's worst nightmare.

Mistreating: (v). the act of treating a window with dignity and respect without use of the following: hundreds of dollars, sewing, time, crying, divorce, child neglect...

It took me a couple of months to build up the courage to try it, but I did and it was SO easy.

I was able to do it while the kids were awake and running around. No one was neglected, no sewing machines were harmed in the making and my window that have been bare for a year are now clothed and pretty.

Sorry about the quality of the photo's. The stripes on the fabric make it hard to see.

I spent way less than I would have, had I bought these.

The kitchen fabric I bought at walmart 27.00 for 6 yards. I bought way too much, but didn't really know what I was going to do with it. I used upholstery tacks to tack them to the wall.

I spent 20.00 on the fabric for the family room for 8 yards. Once again too much fabric, but now I know how much I really need to cover our windows.