Monday, July 20, 2009

3rd Birthday Party

The theme for this years party was Mickey Mouse Club House. This is the boys favorite show as of right now and they loved their Mickey stuff. My sister made the cake and the boys got some really neat stuff. Now I need to go through all the old toys because we are getting way too many.

On their actual birthday, which was Friday, we took the boys out to eat were they wanted to go, which was Zio's. Then we went to the mall and they rode on the cars in the food court and then it was off to pick out their gift at the Lego store. Karter chose a train set and Kolton an airplane. They later fought over the airplane and Karter said he wanted to take his back and get an airplane. Because of the price diffrence Karter got two train sets and a little fire truck. It was a nice day and they really seemed to have a nice time. They also seem to be going through a growth spurt right now. Both boys seem to have gotten taller, talk more and speak clearer and are eating everything that's not nailed down.