Thursday, July 09, 2009

Good Thing We Bought A Warranty

About three months ago we got a new table and chairs. We thought it a good idea to also buy the warranty that would cover the table and I hope the chairs(can't remember for sure, I'll have to look it up). You know since we do have two small children, who happen to be boys, who also happen to be quite rough with some things.

It's a good thing too, cause look what happened.

This happens to be the little boy who broke the chair. He's not too happy about it right now. He kept saying "fix it, fix it!"

It happened while the boys were eating lunch. I looked up to see Kolton leaning his chair back, just as I was saying "Kolton sit the chair down", he fell and I heard a crack. Thankfully it was not his head or other body part cracking on the tile floor.

Am I going to have a house full of broken stuff soon?


Anonymous said...

The worse thing Micah ever broke was one of David's Grandma's china bowls. I really can't think of anything major that Josiah has broken, other than lots of toys;he thinks all toys should move and bend the way he wants them to. At the end of the day I think David breaks more things than the boys combined, don't tell him I said that!!