Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Up Up and Away

We had been telling the boys that it was time to get rid of the binkies. We at first tried telling them that when you are close to three your binkies expire. We tried putting the stuff on them called THUM that makes them taste nasty. At first both boys just sucked the yucky stuff off, then they got smart and went and washed them off, so that was a no go. I then thought of an idea that I had originally seen on Americas Funniest Home Video's. To release the binkies on balloons.

So, we had been prepping them for this by telling them that the day after the birthday party we were going to release the binkies on balloons, and then Jimmy got a brilliant idea. He told them that we were sending them to the moon. Brilliant, that husband of mine! The boys were all over this. So on Sunday we let them go. And on Sunday night daddy photoshoped a picture of the moon with their binkies on them and told them they had arrived. To this the boys said where's the balloons? Daddy said the balloons dropped of the binkies and floated away. They were cool with this.

And now it's been 3 days and it's going well. Karter is having the hardest time, instead of the Binkie at bedtime he is insisting he is hungry, even if I give him something to eat. So I have decided that he actually is just wanting something in his mouth. I tell him that I will check on him in 10 mins and if he's still up and hungry I will get him some food. He's been asleep every single time.

So that was the last baby thing remaining in our house. Both boys seem to be totally potty trained, in big boy beds, and now without binkies.

See the tiny little specks in the right hand corner? Those are the binkies. I believe you can click to enlarge.


Katrina Shaw said...

That is so adorable!! Too bad we can't do that with Micah's fingers!

Sugar and Spice said...

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