Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Kolton and Karter have begun to notice each other. Up until now they really paid no attention to each other but each day they are becoming more aware. Several days ago they began reaching out to one another and smiling. This past week they have really began to develop. They are reaching and grabbing wanting to interact more, watching us as we eat, trying to sit up and wanting to stand on their feet. They however have not wanted to take a nap even though they are dead tired. I'm lucky if I can even get them to take a short one here lately and that has been hard because they are demanding attention. They had been sleeping longer at night only getting up once but here this last week they are getting up twice. I assume they are having a growth spurt or something to that affect. I did try some rice cereal. Karter liked it Kolton is not too sure. I believe after this next Doctors appt. we will began try other foods.

Kolton giggling at his Papa.

OK there where several other pictures I wanted to post but blogger is being difficult and I have tried several times and it has failed so I will have to do that later. At least I got two up though.