Sunday, January 28, 2007


Today Aunt Jamie, Uncle Eddie and Cousin Paige came to visit. Unfortunately Mama didn't take any pictures of them, although she should have. Later in the day Papa and Nannie came to visit. We did all kinds of fun things.

First Papa played with Kolton and he got to wear his hat

Then papa played with Karter and he got to wear his hat too.

Then Papa and Nannie read us a book.

Then it was time to eat some carrots. Papa and Nannie feed us those while Mom ran around taking pictures.

After we ate our carrots we got our jammies on and ate a little bit of a bottle and then we fell asleep. We went to sleep pretty early, we had a busy day and now we are going to wake up way early for Mom in the morning.


Keelan said...

HAHA! They are too cute! Karter looks like Rantz in that picture where he is wearing papa's hat! They are adorable with the carrots smeared on there faces! Love you guys!