Wednesday, January 10, 2007

So Lucky

My kids are so lucky. They have so many people who love them and prayed and pray for their well being. I was thinking the other day that not many people have a great-great-great Aunt alive and although she has never gotten to see them in real life she has seen pictures. She was married to one of the other set of twins in the family. My great-great grandfather was a twin. He would have loved to see the boys, unfortunately he passed away 3 years ago, but he left his mark. That is on my mothers side, on my fathers side the are 5th generations, how many people have 5 generations alive in their family? No one else that I know of. Not to mention that they have 3 sets of grandparents to spoil them, not two like most but 3.

This is Nanny and Granddad they live in Illinois and came to visit for Christmas. They wished they lived closer and so do we.

This is Nanie and Papa, they live about 30 miles away and come to visit on the weekends.

This is Nana and Papa, they live about 45 miles away and visit often.This is also an old picture taken just days after they came home. We need to get a more recent picture.

Then there is Great Grandma (G-Ma) my mom's Mom.

And Great Grandma(MiMi)On the left,My Dad's Mom and Great-Great Grandma(Mamaw)my Dad's Mom's Mom.

Not to mention Aunts and Uncles and friends that are crazy about them. See what I mean they are lucky and blessed, they are going to be spoiled rotten I tell you.