Friday, January 05, 2007

New Things

Both Kolton and Karter have done new things this week. First off we tried cereal for the first time on Wednesday. Karter loved it, Kolton is ok with it but still needs practice. Karter knows that when we get in the highchair we are going to eat cereal. He gets excited and eats all that I give him. He watches every move you make with your own food and wanted to drink out of my cup today. I let him have a sip, it was just water and he opened his mouth and swallowed like he has done all this before. Tonight Kolton rolled over. He did it several times from his stomach to his back, left and right. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of either milestone. I will have to get them later and post them, I was unprepared. Another thing and hopefully it will stay this way is that they went to sleep without too much hassle. Hopefully the repetitive routine is paying off.

At 7:30 we get our jammies on, move to the bedroom, read a book, take a bottle or however much of it they want and tonight we tried a little music (Thanks mom for the CD's they seem to like them) and Karter gets rocked and Kolton gets held until they drift off to sleep hopefully by 8:30 or so. No one woke up this time and they are still sleeping. Next step is hopefully actually sleeping through the night so far they still get up twice.

We are having some problems with napping during the day though. I have only been able to get them to take one nap and that's if I'm lucky. They won't take it in their crib they want it in their swings, when they do nap it's for 2-3 hours a much needed break for momma. If they don't nap momma gets very tired herself and somewhat cranky. Karter is turning out to have a very strong personality. He does not like to just lay there in his bed and be content like Kolton he throws a giant fit and will cry for hours if I let him. This morning when I took a shower he cried the whole time, well actually he threw a fit with stiff legs and all, when I got him out after I was done to dress him he looked at me and began to cry, made me feel terrible, but I cannot hold him all the time and he was not hurt, hungry, or wet just mad. Poor Kolton managed to fall asleep and take a small nap during his fit.

Next thing we are going to work on is moving them to their own room, they are still in our room and every little move we make makes them stir, just getting in to bed takes 10 mins.

At times I get really frustrated. I have to take a step back tell myself they are just babies and I am very blessed to have them. Some babies who were born so early have all kinds of problems and health issues some don't even make it. Mine are fine and just acting like babies spoiled and all.




S~ said...

oh my goodness.. I was on my blog and accidentally hit "next blog" and your blog came up.. How cute are your boys.. so cute.. I have 18 month old triples..

congratulations!! I'm glad I stumbled across it... even if it was an accident!!

Good luck to you!

catspaw said...

Yo Hot Momma!! I just wanted to say that it is ok to get frustrated and tired sometimes. Don't ever feel bad about that. You and Jimbo are both incredible parents and your babies would not be here if you didn't stand by their bed for so many critical hours and love them so intensly. Just think, they are almost old enough for me to teach them all the stuff that will really drive you crazy. Oh well what are friends for? Love You Becky

Butterfly Girl said...

Thanks Catspaw you know just what to say.:)